TextMine turns your documents into a smart database

which can be used to solve a number of use cases including but not limited to:

Searchable knowledge base
Document and contract lifecycle management
Data entry automation
Compliance and risk management

Create new documents within TextMine

which are structured from the beginning or import documents into TextMine continuously using your existing document creation workflows. Learn more about creating documents with Scribe.

An illustration of documents being uploaded to Vault

TextMine replaces the need for manual data entry

or document reviews using the latest advances in AI technology. Learn more about data entry automation.

An illustration of manual data entry and how it is automated with TextMine

TextMine allows you to semantically search your documents

throughout their lifecycle so that you never lose track of documents and you never miss key dates or obligations.

An illustration of key data points being extracted from contracts and invoices

By turning your documents into a searchable knowledge base,

empower the rest of your organisation to access key contract and document data without needing to chase individual contract managers. Learn more about our document database solution.

An illustration of a searchable knowledge base
Stay compliant with complete visibility of your documents and legal obligations.
A screenshot from the TextMine platform
An illustration of AI powered documents
Automate manual compliance checks.
Understand your business’ risk with a clear understanding of your liability, insurance and indemnity accrooss your legal and financial documents.
A screenshot from Scribe
Automate ESG reporting on your document data.
A screenshot from Legislate

Extract data from your documents with TextMine!

Effortlessly organise and categorise your documents with TextMine for better decision making and effortless compliance.