Searchable knowledge base

The problem with keyword search:

You need to anticipate all the possible expressions of a concept to find it across all your documents which is not scalable, 100% accurate or efficient.

E.g. a start date can be commencement date, expressed as a date e.g. 01/01/2024 and in multiple potential formats

Welcome to a new era:

Data driven search / semantic search which is 100% automated using AI

TextMine empowers you to search your documents based on their underlying concepts.

The underlying concepts are extraced automatically using Vault’s large language model technology.

The search capability is offered by Legislate’s knowledge graph which ensures that you are only searching for concepts which exist within your documents.

This means that as you narrow down your search, filters are updated in real time so that you only see options which exist.

75% of organisations struggle to locate 10% of their agreements.

By turning your contracts and documents into a searchable knowledge base, you’ll unlock:

Efficiencies in your document creation
Management workflows
Minimise risk
Unlock unique insights
A screenshot of the Vault dashboard

Keeping on top of your contract and document data

allows you to avoid unnecessary spend by keeping on top of contract renewals and breaks. Quickly remedy contract breaches.

Try powerful document management with TextMine!

Effortlessly organise and categorise your documents with TextMine for better decision making and effortless compliance.