Ensuring Transparency, Risk Mitigation, and Legal Alignment in Your Operations

TextMine helps organisations effortlessly evidence their compliance by streamlining the verification of business-critical document data using AI.

Compliance without AI is not scalable

Compliance typically involves manual verification of documents and manual data entry into a spreadsheet or a third party system. As a result, compliance is a bottleneck due to the limited bandwidth of the teams manually verifying information from documents.

Compliance with TextMine

TextMine leverages cutting edge, self-hosted large language models to automatically categorise documents and extract their key data points. This allows compliance teams to focus on the interpretation of the data and accelerate the processing of compliance tasks 10x faster.

Compliance use case

TextMine solves a wide range of compliance use cases ranging from KYC, contract compliance, ESG compliance and risk management.

Faster and more accurate KYC with TextMine

TextMine can process incorporation documents and company filings such as confirmation statements, 10-Ks and 20Fs in order to help KYC teams conduct their due diligence on new clients or vendors.

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Verifiy legitimate spend:

Does this invoice correspond to a contract? Do the payment terms align with what was agreed in the contract? TextMine allows you to answer these questions in seconds.

Does this invoice correspond to a contract? Do the payment terms align with what was agreed in the contract?

Employment compliance:

Do I have a gender pay gap?

Do I have gaps in the underlying legal terms between my female and male employees?

Employment compliance

Contract Renewals

Have my NDAs expired? Do I need to renew them before I speak to the recipient of my confidential information?

Timeline of renewals
Windows to exercise break clauses

Risk management:

What are my obligations, what is my total liability across my client contracts?

Do I have any contracts in this jurisdiction? If yes, do I need a new insurance policy?

An illustration of the TextMine platform as a smart knowledge base for business critical documents

Answer critical questions about your documents with TextMine!

Effortlessly organise and categorise your documents for seamless document management.