Data entry automation

Are you maintaining the key terms in your contracts or documents in a spreadsheet?

This approach means you can only track the headline terms (parties, dates) and are probably missing out on mure nuanced terms.

Moreover, manual data entry is prone to errors and spreadsheets are hard to maintain

(different versions between business units, keeping track of updates when new contracts/documents are created).

With manual data entry into a spreadsheet, you’ll need to manually audit your documents whenever you need to answer a query about a more nuanced term.

TextMine automates the manual data entry with Vault.

By turning your contracts and documents into a searchable knowledge base, you’ll unlock intelligence:

Vault can extract:

Explicit terms

compliance with the contract and its terms


which are implied by the document’s content.

Vault’s data extraction can be verified manually.
Vault is also available as a public API.

Try powerful document management with TextMine!

Effortlessly organise and categorise your documents with TextMine for better decision making and effortless compliance.