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Are you tracking the key terms of your contracts or documents in a spreadsheet?

Using a spreadsheet to track the meta data from your documents means you can only track the headline terms (parties, dates) and are probably missing out on mure nuanced terms. Moreover, manual data entry represents a huge cost for your business in terms of time, lost productivity and mistakes.

Searching documents

Manual data entry is prone to errors and spreadsheets are hard to maintain

TextMine's large language model automates manual data entry with a high accuracy saving you time and errors.

TextMine's approach to data entry automation ensures that your business has an evergreen solution which can work with historical and new documents as well as custom queries.

Document errors question

TextMine automates manual data entry from business-critical documents with Vault.

Vault is a large language model which can transform your contracts and documents into a searchable knowledge base:

Vault's large language model technology can extract:

Explicit terms

Important meta data and fields which are present in the document

Answers to key questions

Which are implied by the document’s content

An illustration of data being extracted from documents using Vault
Vault’s AI powered data extraction can be verified manually for improved accuracy.
Documents AI helper
Vault API
Vault is also available as a public API.

Automate manual data entry with TextMine

TextMine allows you to automate any use case which involves manual entering data from a document into a spreadsheet or third party system. Whilst the process can be efficient, it does not scale with the number of documents which need to be reviewed or the number of questions which need to be answered as part of the review process. Finally, manual data entry is not trackable which means that it’s very difficult and time consuming to identify errors. Manual data entry leads to errors, inconsistent data and productivity losses.

Vault answering questions about a NDA and extracting its key terms

Why do organisations prefer manual data entry?

Manual data entry is still the preferred form of document data extraction within a number of organisations because the costs are not fully understood and OCR technology has been the default technology for document data extraction. However, thanks to fine-tuned large language models like Vault, the benefits of AI powered document data extraction far outweigh the costs of manual data entry.

A keyboard for manual data entry

What does manual data entry typically look like?

TextMine can automate the process of reviewing documents, trying to locate the piece of information and collating it into a database. Moreover, the process is evergreen meaning that new questions and data points can be tracked retrospectively.

Manual Process
Receive Documents
Read and understand documents
Key in Data
Check Data

What does AI powered data entry look like with TextMine?

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