Analyse, manage, and smart-search thousands of documents

Use AI to analyse your unstructured textual data and document databases. Automatically retrieve key terms to help you make informed decisions. Make your business more efficient with TextMine today!

100x faster

Find answers in your critical documents quickly and accurately with TextMine.

Save 40 hours/mo

TextMine automates manual data entry and information retrieval tasks.

Save money

TextMine redistributes the freed-up time to higher-value tasks and decision-making.


Transform your document database into a structured dataset, enabling seamless tracking and scalable querying. Say goodbye to the cumbersome manual creation and upkeep of spreadsheets summarising your critical contracts and terms.

Store & manage

Safely store documents in a structured dataset

Upload thousands of documents to our Vault, where our LLM will analyse their textual data and determine their type and category, automagically creating a structured storage system that is easy to manage.


No need for manual sorting - TextMine's AI efficiently organises your business critical documents.


The AI magic unfolds as documents are automatically categorised into relevant sections: contracts, invoices, NDAs, agreements, and more.

Extract data

Watch Vault in Action!

Vault comprehends textual data and extracts implicit and explicit insights from your business critical documents, which swiftly uncover a document's crucial terms, attributes, and potential contradictions.




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Effortlessly organise and categorise your documents for proactive decisoin making and effortless compliance.

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Save time managing docs every month


A versatile text editor which empowers you to craft smart documents from the ground up.

Сreate & edit documents

Craft documents and powerful templates

Scribe transforms traditional word templates into meticulously structured, interactive forms. Scribe enables users to design templates that leverage these forms for enhanced functionality. Scribe's documents are inherently structured, facilitating granular post-creation searchability and tracking.

Searchable and
A list of contracts being searched in Scribe
Save 40 hours/mo
A screenshot of Scribe
Save money
A screen shot of comments applied to a scribe template

A decision making platform which allows your organisation to leverage text and document based data to its full capacity.

Smart search

Identification of documents from extracted data

Legislate retrieves valuable insights based on the text data in your documents. Understand how your key documents are driving your business individually or in aggregate.

Ensure compliance

Query regulated documents to ensure that your business is compliant.

Get insights

Understand the underlying risk of your key documents such as contracts.

Make decisions

Make informed decisions with document and textual data.

Product Tour

A brief tour of just a small portion of TextMine's document data extraction and insight capabilities

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What else can you do with TextMine?

Streamline Decision Making

Efficiently make informed decisions with our comprehensive document management system.

Streamline Due Diligence

Effortlessly manage and organise your due diligence documents with our cloud-based system.

Effortlessly Track Documents

Stay updated on the progress and status of your important documents in real-time.

Extract data from your documents with TextMine!

Effortlessly organise and categorise your documents with TextMine for better decision making and effortless compliance.


Frequently asked questions about TextMine and our solutions.

Who is TextMine for?

TextMine is for business users who manage 1000s of business critical documents such as invoices, payslips, tender agreements and contracts.

How much does TextMine cost?

TextMine's pricing is available on request.

Does TextMine work on mobile?

TextMine is mobile friendly and can be accessed from a web browser on any device.

What problem does TextMine solve?

TextMine makes it easy to create business critical documents and explore the data they contain.

Does TextMine have insurance?

TextMine is insured. Please get in touch if you have any specific insurance questions or requirements.