Reports and document generation

Legislate is your central contract database which allows you to:

Sift through the data extracted by Vault

Create new documents from scribe templates

Report on your document statistics

A screenshot of the Legislate advanced search functionality

Legislate’s advanced search allows you to:

Quickly and accurately

locate documents based on the data they contain: show me all the documents with X Y Z

Answer aggregate questions

such as how many of my documents contain X Y Z

Find patterns in your documents

or with your counter parties

Link documents which are connected

such as for example invoices with supplier agreements to verify legitimate spend

Export searches as CSVs

Generate data room type summaries of your documents and contracts

Respond to contract audits in seconds

Export searches as CSVs

Visualise your document data in charts:

Understand how standard your documents are

Make strategic decisions on how to create new documents based on the trends in your documents

Visualise your document data in charts:

Manage document access and creation capabilities with teams.

Manage document access and creation capabilities with teams.
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